With only 12 months to go until our Birley Fields student accommodation scheme opens to its first intake of students as part of the brand new campus in Hulme. The BBC has reported that Birley Fields will be “welcomed with open arms” by businesses and traders when it opens.

Reporter Jacqueline Paine was in the local community to sample the views of the businesses and residents for the Allan Beswick show at BBC Manchester.  She found an overwhelming thumbs up, with the community excited at the boost in trade and the re-generational effects of the arrival of our dynamic education and health communities.

Local traders Sach told the BBC: “All the businesses around here are looking forward to the University opening next year. Another, Robbie, who runs a salon, agrees the area would welcome the injection of business that the campus would bring. One enterprising local, Paul Lever, says the very reason he took a lease on the new ‘Birley Fields Eatery’ was the promise of the campus. “It’s fantastic for the area, absolutely fantastic, he says. “It can only get better and better around here.”  The reporter prompts one resident: “The aim is to help regenerate the area as well. Do you think that will happen?  “Yes, it will. I think it will generate things for the area and will brighten up the area too. It’s a lovely university, I’ve seen it, it’s beautiful.”

The BBC concludes with the University’s ambition for Birley Fields to be “innovative and vibrant” and stresses that it has designed to be as open and welcoming as possible to the community.

For more information on our Birley Field scheme head to the project page.

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