Rialto House, York

Rialto House is a purpose built student accoommodation (PBSA) located on the existing Macca BIng site located just outside York City core. The scheme will see the redevelopment of the existing site into a 275 bed development, comprising a mix of studios and clusters, in two main blocks with extensive outdoor and indoor amenity space. The scheme provides 5 accessible car parking spaces with EV points, as well as 168 bike parking spaces.

Following the selection of the preferred massing typology, proposals for the site were explored and developed. The size and location of accommodation buildings related in part to the clients needs in terms of providing a range of accommodation types offering students choice and flexibility.

The architecture of the scheme was carefuly developed to respond sensitively to the sites local historic context. As such, the deveopment of a gable and chimney ‘motif’ was developed, providing the development with a carefully considered and contextual identity that enhances the local area.

At the heart of the scheme are two courtyards, providing hard and soft landscaped activity spaces for prospective building users. These are carefully orientated so as to maximise natural light and allow for south facing summer and winter sun to penetrate into the scheme.

With a total of 275 bedrooms, the PBSA which will replace the existing Mecca Bingo building and provide accommodation, social space and open landscaped courtyards.