Architecture is our core discipline. Our commitment is to deliver high quality design and buildings which satisfy the needs of clients and users. We firmly believe that high quality, functional design adds value and improves the business case of development projects. We seek to add value to the basic requirements of all projects that the practice undertakes.

GWP Architecture do not adopt a ‘house style’ or predetermined product, our architecture is drawn from specific responses to projects and challenges. Through individual design consideration, each project exhibits its own character and quality.

Our method of working encourages open discussion with all parties, to achieve a thorough understanding of the design issues and proper engagement through the whole design process.

Our team is highly experienced and excels at working with our clients to deliver best outcome.

We work to guide our clients through the different phases of the design, planning and construction process, whilst offering advice on historic/listed structures and other regulatory matters.

Our focus is on innovation and cost-effective construction approaches that is a further added benefit we can bring to our client’s development projects.